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Fences can serve many purposes and also add to the beauty of your landscape. Fences can be used for privacy, a barrier for your pets, a barrier for a swimming pool, a divider for your property line, a safe area for children to play, or security for your property or belongings. N.V. Improvements specializes in designing and installing all styles of fencing.

There are hundreds of styles of fencing. This could make choosing a style and size overwhelming. Once N.V. Improvements understands your needs of a fence, we can narrow down the options to make your decision easier. For Example: If you are looking for a fence to keep your pet within your property. Then we will base the height and picket spacing on the size of your pet. You may be looking for privacy when spending time in the back yard. Then we would suggest a taller fence with minimal picket spacing. If you are looking for security then we would design a fence that is hard to climb with locking mechanisms. We can design the perfect style fence to meet all of your needs.

Another thought to take into consideration is what materials would you prefer to use. The most popular residential fence materials include wood, PVC, aluminum, composite, and chain link. All materials have their advantages and diadvantages.

Wood fence are the most popular because of their affordability and adversity. Most wood fences are built from scratch leaving our fence carpenters with the option to cut custom designs and modify picket spacing. The two main species of wood used for fences are pressure treated pine and cedar. Pressure treated pine is more common and more affordable. Pressure treated pine is treated with weather resitant chemicals to protect the materials from rot. Cedar is more expensive and has natural beauty and is naturally weather resistant. Both materials can be stained or painted to provide additional protection and to suit the appearance you are looking for. 

PVC fencing are becoming more popular due to their lack of mantainence. They are more expensive than wood but do not require annual or bi-annual maintainence saving you money in the long run. PVC fences usually can be purchased in white or an almond color. PVC fence manufactures offer many different styles. They often mimick wood fence styles. 

Aluminum fencing gives you the appearance of wrought iron fencing without the cost of wrought iron. Aluminum fencing can give your property a very unique and classy look. The sleek pickets gives you the feeling of openess. Aluminum fencing can be purchased in black, white, or bronze and does not require any maintainence. They are sold in prefabricated panels and can be installed quickly making them an affordable style of fencing. 

Composite fencing is the most expensive style of fencing. Composite fencing does not require any type of maintainence and is also very durable. It is sold in pieces and is installed in a similar fashion as wood fencing. Composite fencing is sold in a few different colors such as brown, red, or grey. Paint or stain is not required but can be applied to meet your color preference.  

All styles can be istalled with gates, drive gates, and locking gates. Drive gates are an excellent choice for parking vechiles, boats, and rv's within the perimeter of your fencing. N.V. Improvements are highly knowledgable in building fences to meet swimmimg pool code requirments. 

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